My Story

Personal Side Of Gloria

  • I was born and raised in Montreal Quebec
  • I am 1st generation Canadian of West Indian descent parents
  • My partner Tim and I have been married for twelve years.
  • We reside in Oshawa, Ontario
  • Our nicknames for each other are Hop (me) and Jump (Tim)
  • Our hope is that we will continue to hop through life and jump over any obstacles that may arise
  • We are "karaoke" junkies
  • Mom to an awesome, dynamic daughter named Sierra
  • I love to dance and sing to anything Aretha Franklin while cleaning and cooking
  • I am a great public speaker
  • Together, Tim and I are parents to Hazey (cat), Hendrix (cat, he definitely lives up to his name), Dakota (dog) and Zeus (dog)

Professional Side Of Gloria

  • I am a Certified Wedding Officiant and a member of OAPWO (Ontario Association of Professional Wedding Officiants)
  • I am a graduate holding a BA in Communications and TheatreI also have a Paralegal and Mediation certificate
  • I am a lifelong student as I believe that learning and lessons have no age boundaries
  • I believe that mediocrity is not an option, therefore I strive for excellence always
  • I am emphatic, genuine and trustworthy

Passionate Side Of Gloria

  • I am passionate about LOVE
    I am passionate and wholeheartedly believe that in life, you don’t require someone to “complete” you, but rather someone who “compliments” you
    I am passionate about the institution of marriage and would be honoured to play a little part in your love story